Thursday, 20 February 2020

PVAS Events March 2020

9am Saturday 7 March: Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary Tour

3pm Saturday 7 March: Goat & Lamb Yoga

2pm Saturday 21 March: Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary Tour

4pm Saturday 21 March: Goat & Lamb Yoga

10am Sunday 29 March: Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary Tour

Bookings can be made through the 'Events' tab on our Facebook Page. We look forward to seeing you!

Bush Fire Ready Busy Bees

By Chris R.

Through Spring and Summer of 2019 we held three busy bees, with over thirty volunteers participating to help. Getting ‘bush fire ready’ was the theme for all three, with helpers raking, pruning and tidying around enclosures and fence lines. Despite the warm weather and hard work, the groups moved over twenty trailer loads of leaves and branches away from areas where animals may be at risk. 

At the start of summer an incredible team of volunteers braved the heat to tidy our eastern boundary, adjacent to the duck and rooster enclosures. The hum of chainsaws filled the morning, while over six trailer loads of leaf litter and dead branches were taken to the far fire heaps, giving our feathered friends a little more safety in the event of a bushfire.

The hard work is followed by a delicious lunch!

We are always so grateful for the hard work of the Sanctuary volunteers – rain, hail or shine, they are there, doing their best for the Valley’s residents.  

If you would like to join in to help on a busy bee day, they are held every six to eight weeks and advertised on our ‘events’ tab on Facebook. The next is scheduled for the 23rd of February from 9-1pm.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

A Busy Christmas

By Chris R.

The weeks leading up to Christmas were a hive of activity in the Valley. Aside from organising our biggest summer fundraiser, Carols in the Valley, we were busy running the last of our tours for the year, keeping animals cool with the early onset of the summer heat and getting ready for fire season. But between all the necessary tasks, we did get time for some festive fun with the animals and with friends and family.  

This year our tiny outdoor Christmas tree was a small Albany woolly bush (Adenanthos cyngorum). These gorgeous Australian natives are highly bird attracting and the soft foliage is enjoyed by kangaroos and possums – a must for wildlife friendly gardens! We found this little one at our local Bunnings store, complete with decorations, for a very reasonable price.

Decorating the house was easy with festive flowers and foliage from the garden, our favourites included the buds of the fuschia gum (Eucalyptus forrestiana) and flowers of the robin red breast (Melaleuca lateritia) which brightened up the kitchen with its glorious reds and greens.

It was a first Christmas for many Valley residents, including Eugene ram and Peter, April and Judy lambs. They were fascinated by the red santa hat doing the rounds and definitely enjoyed the boxes of Weetbix gifted to the Sanctuary by our wonderful supporters.

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas and a very happy new year and we are looking forward to sharing our Sanctuary adventures with you all in 2020!