Sunday, 10 May 2020

New Arrivals!

By Chris R.

On a beautiful April afternoon we hitched up the float, packed the Weet-bix and started a drive to North Dandalup. We were on a mission to collect eight full grown rams - huge, well loved fellows - whose owners were suffering ongoing health issues. The owners and the Sanctuary had both tried for many months to find a safe place for the brothers, but sadly to no avail. After six months of looking for a home, the Sanctuary agreed to adopt the gentle giants to give them a safe, forever home in the Valley.

After a short lunch stop of chips and coffee – essential Sanctuary sustenance – we were on the highway to collect the precious cargo. We were fortunate that no regional Covid-19 road closures were encountered on the way to the farm. We soon spotted a small property, where a group of large black and white sheep paced impatiently in a yarded area. 

The family were a little nervous to get into the horse float, but with some encouragement two were safely packed. The remaining six were more challenging and needed to be guided to join their brothers. After an hour, we were ready to go. The boys were waved farewell by their humans as we drove to the gate.

The group was relaxed on their first road trip and as we pulled into the Sanctuary at dusk, we heard the first baa’s from our new arrivals. Led by an impressive Nero, the group departed the trailer with excitement to inspect their new home in the top Sanctuary paddock.  Welcome home boys!

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