Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Duck House Renovation

By Chris R.

The renovation of the duck area was a priority task at the PVAS busy bee. During autumn, Daria Duck suffered a case of bumblefoot, a painful and potentially life threatening infection of the foot pad, often caused by hard or rough ground. Daria spent twelve weeks in the warmth of the house and after vet visits and three rounds of strong antibiotics, we were relieved that her foot made a full recovery. 

Fearing a recurrence of the infection in Daria or another duck, the vet advised that the substrate needed permanent modification. After much consultation, we settled on placing synthetic turf over the hard, rocky ground. We were rapt when Green Planet Grass offered their services and provided turf free of charge for the project.  

The Saturday before the busy bee, a staff member from Green Planet Grass visited the Sanctuary, measuring up the area. The following week we were able to collect the turf and yellow sand to form a stable pad for its installation.

The busy bee crew did a fantastic job shoveling and leveling the site, producing a professional finish for the ducks' new home. The volunteers were rapt to see Daria reintroduced to her sisters and all three birds enjoying the padding that the turf provides.

We are very appreciative of the support provided by Green Planet Grass to ensure the Sanctuary's rescue ducks are happy and healthy! Be sure to keep them in mind for your synthetic turf requirements - check them out at

PVAS Winter Busy Bee

By Chris R.

On Sunday the 7th of August PVAS held its winter busy bee. We were fortunate to have the rain clear, leaving a cool yet sunny day for our group of fantastic volunteers to work on various projects around the Sanctuary. A shelter for the rams was built, synthetic turf installed in the duck house, the donkey and sheep pen cleaned and grass and weeds were removed from around the possum cages and house. We were very fortunate to have a number of gorgeous ladies from the Perth Pin-up Community attend, bringing some style to the morning of work.

Albert & Victoria enjoying the yellow sand

A delicious vegan lunch was enjoyed after the hard work, with an amazing and varied spread of cruelty free foods also provided by our enthusiastic volunteers. The humans and animals then enjoyed pats and photos while relaxing in the paddock.