Saturday, 29 October 2016

PVAS Fundraising Tour & Degustation Dinner, 8 October 2016

By Chris R.

On Saturday the 8th of October, Possum Valley hosted its first fundraising tour and degustation dinner. With renowned vegan foodies Pete Blake and Andrew Thompson in the kitchen, the menu was exciting and much awaited.

Despite the tempest, guests braved the conditions for a tour of the Sanctuary and met many of the animals before rain stopped play, with everyone taking shelter in the renovated barn for pre-dinner drinks and socialising, before the amazing food was served.

The menu was a five course gourmet delight:
*Mezze plate – pickled vegetables, baked almond feta, crisp bread, pate and chutney
*Cream of broccoli and miso soup, mushroom tempura, drizzle of truffle oil
*Maple glazed baked pumpkin, Spanish inspired croquet, mild curry sauce with smashed chickpeas
*Caramelised onion and spring veg tart, braised cauliflower, citrus dressed greens
*Desert tasting plate – a selection of delicious warm and cold desert bites

Between courses, guests mingled and were treated to an appearance by Genie the kid goat. A tour of the possum enclosures was also possible and our brush-tailed residents did not disappoint.

A big thank you to everyone who attended the event and a special thank you to our volunteers who worked so hard to make it happen, in particular, head chef Pete Blake.  We hope to post some recipes of some of the featured delights soon!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Colour In PVAS

Like to colour in? Enjoy colouring our residents!

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By Chris R.

On the 18th of September we received a call via the Wildcare Helpline. A person had found a tiny, precious bird, eyes unopened and no nest or family could be located. They kindly dropped her to our local vet, who gave this pint-sized, but vocal, baby a check-up before our collection.

On her second day in the Valley, the young bird, now named ‘Nancy’, opened her eyes. She appeared to be a honeyeater, although at this early stage we were uncertain of her species. Nancy may have been tiny, but her appetite surpassed any bird we have ever reared and she was keen for her ‘nectar’ every half hour. Wombaroo fortunately make a nectar formula for honeyeaters, which is nutritionally complete and evidently very tasty.

Nancy is now three weeks old, flying well and still handfeeding.  Her feathers have grown quickly, revealing that she is a New Holland Honeyeater.  Her left foot is a little different to the right, but if it works well she will be able to be released back to the wild when older.


Be sure to look out for young birds fallen from nests, particularly after strong winds and storms.  Where possible, always return them to their nest or place in a tree nearby if newly fledged and if you can locate the bird’s parents. 

Call Wildcare on (08)9474 9055 if you need assistance with a baby bird and for further information visit:

Thursday, 6 October 2016

PVAS at Permaculture Fest

By Chris R.

On Sunday the 2nd of October, which was also World Animal Day, the volunteers from Possum Valley coordinated a stall at Permaculture Fest, held in Middle Swan. The Festival was created to showcase best practice in sustainable living and demonstrate how permaculture can naturally lead towards a healthy, and more importantly, regenerative future. 

The Festival featured a number of excellent initiatives including waste and reuse education, recycling and re-skilling, urban agriculture, solar passive home design, crafts and trades. It also offered a variety of entertainment for adults and children. 

Despite the windy conditions and rain our stall had many visitors interested in discussing animal rescue, cruelty free living and promoting alternatives to animal products.