Saturday, 28 September 2019

John Curtin Week Volunteers 2019

By Chris R.

On the 14th and 21st of September we were fortunate to have teams of John Curtin Week volunteers visit the Sanctuary. Both teams came armed with enthusiasm and energy and undertook a range of important jobs in the Valley.

Team 1 worked on fixing fences, moving spent straw bedding and cleaning out the pen of Nicholas the Ram.  

Team 2 fixed fences and moved spent straw and also managed to rake areas of leaves into piles to allow safe burning in readiness for bushfire season. 

Both teams worked extremely hard. They had a well earned break at lunch and enjoyed a range of tasty, cruelty free platters.  

Following lunch, participants had the opportunity to meet the animals during a Sanctuary tour – a great way to finish up a busy day.  

Thanks very much JCW volunteers for joining us this year. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Thursday, 26 September 2019

New Arrival - Stocko the Ram

By Chris R.

We received a message on a sunny June day -  a big frightened Dorper, who had eluded rangers for many months, had finally been caught and was now facing euthanasia. He had been seen wandering around the Bullsbrook area for some time, until finally captured at a sheep farm where he had been looking for friends. With no ear tags and without an owner coming forward to claim him, Stocko’s future was bleak. The rangers had contacted a local vet clinic to organise Stocko’s euthanasia, when the staff discussed the possibility of him finding Sanctuary. With time of the essence, a plan was hatched to bring Stocko to the Valley of Hope. Within the hour, the big, boisterous black and white ovine was delivered to safety.

Once at the Sanctuary, Stocko was quarantined, vaccinated and his castration planned. The risk of tetanus for castration procedures is significant for rams, so it was important his immunity was high before embarking on the procedure. It was hoped castration would settle Stocko and reduce the risk of him escaping once again. The procedure went smoothly and Stocko was home the same day, a little groggy, but happy to find his dinner bowl full of treats.  

After three days of TLC in confinement, he was finally released to explore his permanent paddock. Met by a group of boys all with similar stories, Stocko was sniffed and gently nudged by his new friends. There was baa-ing aplenty as his new roomies became acquainted, before the gang settled down in the straw for the night. 

With frog song filling the air and the last rays of sunshine dipping behind the hills, Stocko relaxed and rested with his new lamb fam. He may not have wild adventures ahead, but Stocko now looks forward to some peace and quiet and a whole lot of love.

Welcome to the Valley of Hope Stocko!

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

PVAS Events October to December 2019

We have some amazing events coming up for the remainder of 2019. Whether you want to volunteer, meditate, sing or just have a great time, check out our upcoming events list. All event tickets can be booked on our 'Events' page on Facebook: .

*4pm Saturday 5 October: Pizza in the Paddock 

*4pm Sunday 6 October: Goat & Lamb Yoga

*9am Saturday 12 October: Volunteer Information & Training Day
Want to become a regular Sanctuary volunteer? Come along to our new starters session and learn about how you can help the animals. Participants will need to be physically fit, without injury and capable of hard labour. You will need to bring sunscreen, hat, gloves, a water bottle and strong closed in shoes.

*11am Saturday 12 October: PVAS Tour

*1pm Saturday 12 October: Goat & Lamb Yoga

*3pm Saturday 12 October: Sanctuary Sounds Sound Meditation
Guided by Cherry, take a moment to be still, bathed in the sounds, vibrations and frequencies of the is a unique experience for every person attending, whether your first time experiencing sound or as a seasoned follower. Enjoy herbal teas and cruelty free treats after your sound experience.

*1pm Saturday 19 October: PVAS Tour

*3pm Saturday 26 October: Flocktoberfest
Join us for a festival of the amber brew and Bavarian culture while helping raise funds for Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary. Eat, drink (responsibly) and be merry with awesome people wearing lederhosen! Available for sale will be various craft beers, wine, kombucha, cider, soft drinks, a delicious variety of loaded dogs, Possum Valley jewellery and merchandise. 

*9am Sunday 3 November: Bushfire Ready Busy Bee
Lending a hand to make the Valley safer for residents in the event of a bush fire. Jobs include pruning shrubbery, raking up leaf litter and some enclosure construction. A light lunch will be provided although you are welcome to bring a plate to share. Participants will need to be physically fit, without injury and capable of hard labour. You will need to bring sunscreen, hat, gloves, a water bottle and strong closed in shoes. Volunteers must be over the age of 16. 

*3pm Sunday 3 November: Goat & Lamb Yoga

*2pm Saturday 23 November: PVAS Tour

*5pm Saturday 7 December: Carols in the Valley 
Come along and enjoy a picnic with some of our rescued animal friends while listening to festive tunes in the peaceful surrounds of the Valley of Hope. There will be a cruelty free sausage sizzle, bake sale, PVAS merchandise) and a nativity. Santa may also be making an appearance and taking short tours to visit his deer helpers, Elen and Freya! Due to fire restrictions, flame free candles will be available for a gold coin donation at the gate. For those wishing to bring our animal residents Christmas gifts, a tree will be available for placement of non-perishable items such as tinned peas and corn, parrot seed, Trill seed sticks, chicken grain, laundry liquid, clean towels and flat sheets. Fresh produce include apples, carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkins are also welcomed. 

*3pm Saturday 14 December: PVAS Tour

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Spring Shearing in the Valley

By Chris R.

With the first week of spring upon us, the flock were keen to say goodbye to their thick woolly coats. Our amazing local shearer, Bradley, came to give the sheep their new styles, first clipping Digby’s flock and later in the week returning to do the younger sheep, many of which had not been shorn before.  

Only thirty-six of the flock needed shearing. Our residents with hair type coats that seasonally shed were happy to watch their friends get all the attention. Dorpers, Damaras and some other breeds don’t retain their coats and need no assistance to get cool for summer.

With unusually cold weather the first three nights after Digby’s flock were shorn, the group were tucked in under their shelter with thick straw bedding, ensuring none received a post-haircut chill. Now the weather is over 30C, all look very relieved to be fleece free!