Thursday, 26 July 2018

Bubbly Petz Visit PVAS

By Chris R.

On Saturday the 21st of July we were joined by the amazing team from Bubbly Petz, all the way from Singapore, for a day of working at the Sanctuary. This ethical pet service is staffed by a group of incredible animal lovers who opted to spend a whole day assisting in the Valley. 

In heavy rain and wind, the group were super enthusiastic and happy to help with cleaning sheep yards, scrubbing water bird enclosures, constructing tree guards and assist with our copious amounts of laundry.

A huge thanks to Mauve, Desmond and your fantastic team – hoping you can all visit us again soon!

Ben Lamb

By Chris R.

Baby Ben arrived in the Valley on the 6th of June 2018. He was our first lamb of the season, and weighed in at just over 2kg. Ben was a twin rejected by his mum shortly after his birth.  He was taken to another farm to bond with a ewe who had recently lost her lamb, but sadly, the ewe was not keen to take Ben either. It was a cold, rainy evening, but fortunately a kind rescuer was happy to make the drive to the Valley and deliver this tiny bundle. 

Upon arrival, Ben was cleaned, a jumper popped on and fresh lambs milk prepared. Whilst he had a good appetite, his tummy wasn’t the best, so he was taken the next day to see our sheep vet at Murdoch Farm Animal Services. The vets prescribed a short course of antibiotics and we were on our way home.

Being so little, Ben is often wearing a coat or jumper – all donated by kind supporters of the Sanctuary. Ben joined us on a short family holiday to the south west, and experienced the beach for the first time. Sleeping in the warm car, he was happy to be a co-pilot as we toured the coastline.

At just three weeks old, Ben was joined by foster sister Fran, another orphan found south of Perth. Within two days, Ben and Fran became inseparable.

Ben is now four weeks old and still weighs only 3.5 kg. He will soon have another check-up and assessment just to ensure he is doing ok. Ben will stay in the Valley when he is grown. He will join his other foster sheep siblings, living his life in peace and safety.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Mission With Nutrition

By Chris R. 

On Sunday the 1st of July we took a trip to Jarrahdale to experience Mission with Nutrition. Set in the undulating hills south of Perth, this best kept weekend secret is run by Nicole and her family on their rural property.  


Mission with Nutrition provides a wonderful day out, providing a guided 6.8km walk through neighbouring forest, followed by a hearty, healthy and delicious lunch at the property. You will meet beautiful dogs, rescued pigs and a content ex-race horse while on route to the bushland hike. The hills are well worth the view and work up a good appetite for the cruelty free lunch to follow. We enjoyed an amazing nut roast and vegetables, followed by the choice of white chocolate caramel and dark chocolate mud cakes. Lambs Ben and Fran accompanied us on our trip, snoozing in their carriers while we walked. The ride home was a quiet one, with walkers weary, full and content following their day in the countryside.

To learn more about Mission with Nutrition or to make a booking take a look at their Facebook page for coming walks and events.