Thursday, 31 October 2019

All Power to Animal Rescue

Thank you Lotterywest for helping our animal rescue dream!

Judith Lamb – A Tiny Arrival with a Big Heart

By Chris R. 

Late on Sunday the 8th of September we received a message from a young man who had been observing a newly born lamb throughout the afternoon. She was weak and alone and no sheep could be found. At nightfall, he become concerned for the safety of the tiny bundle and scooped her into a blanket before sending a message for help to the Sanctuary. Judy arrived warm and cozy thanks to the care of her rescuers. She was very tired but suckled her first bottle with gusto before snuggling next to her teddy to sleep.

Judith was only hours old upon arrival, so checks and feeds throughout the nights to come were critical for this tiny newborn. 

The following day Judith was booked in to see our farm animal vet, who confirmed that she had early onset pneumonia and ulcers on both eyes, but a short treatment of antibiotics and eye cream soon resolved both issues. 

Judy was very brave tolerating both the injections and ointment in her eyes, taking comfort in the cuddles which followed.  

Arriving at the Sanctuary so young, Judy readily become attached to her human family and lamb friend.  

Judy loves snuggling in the bed, travelling in the car and was excited to join the Possum Valley team at the Stop Live Export Human Chain. 

Baby Judith is a joy to care for. Mother sheep rarely abandon their babies without reason, so we hope her sheep mum, wherever she is, knows Judy is safe and loved at the Sanctuary.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Stop Live Export Human Chain 2019

By Chris R.

On Sunday the 6th of October, Judith Lamb joined a number of Sanctuary volunteers at the annual Stop Live Exports Human Chain. Over one thousand people gathered on the Stirling Bridge in East Fremantle, the tenth human chain to protest against the thousands of animals suffering the cruelty of extended transport before slaughter.

A link to the Perth Now news story, including a video of the day.

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