Sunday, 29 November 2020

PVAS Events December 2020

Join us this month for some Christmas fun! 
Attend one of our upcoming December events and help us help over 160 rescued birds and animals:

* Saturday 5 December, 5.30 pm, Carols in the Valley

* Saturday 12 December, 11.00 am, PVAS tour

* Sunday 13 December, 2.00 pm, Floral Glass Jar Arrangement Workshop

* Saturday 19 December, 1.00 pm, PVAS tour

* Saturday 19 December, 3.00 pm, Goat and Lamb Yoga

You can buy tickets for all of our events through the PVAS Facebook page. 

Merry Christmas! 

PVAS at EnviroFest 2020

On the 21st of November, PVAS attended EnviroFest 2020 at Whiteman Park. The focus of EnviroFest is sustainability and conservation. The Festival day is Whiteman Park’s flagship public conservation event. 

Activities at EnviroFest included displays, talks, workshops, market stalls and conservation activities for children.

We have attended EnviroFest for many years. It is always a great day for PVAS to fundraise and engage in community outreach. Many thanks to our volunteers and donors who assisted us on the day. 


Friday, 20 November 2020

Spring in the Sanctuary Gardens

It's spring again and the Sanctuary gardens are flowering beautifully!

Fresh pickings for the possums in care. Roses are a possum favourite in the Valley. 

Christmas plantings of petunias at the Sanctuary gate in readiness for the upcoming 'Carols in the Valley' event on Saturday 5th December.

The roses and pelargoniums put on a gorgeous display at this time of the year.
Colour is everywhere in the PVAS gardens.

 Visit us for an upcoming event and enjoy the beauty of spring at PVAS!

Native Wreath Workshop

By Chris R.  


With the success of our recent ‘Make a Foraged Native Bouquet’ workshops, volunteer and florist extraordinaire Emma organised a ‘Make a Festive Floral Wreath’ workshop on the 14th of November.  

It was a wintery spring day in the Valley, but the heavy showers didn’t stop workshop participants gathering an array of garden treasures and their handiwork was spectacular! 

A mix of eucalypt foliage and fruit, proteas, kangaroo paws and acacia were just some of the species used in the wreaths with great effect and we are confident there will be some very pretty front doors coming up this Christmas!