Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Genie the Goat

By Chris R.

Genie the goat arrived at Possum Valley in May 2016. She was just over a week old. Genie was found alone at the Midland Saleyards by a worker. Her goat herd had long gone. Her rescuer had heard cries, discovering Genie in the bushes. Despite attempts to reunite her with her goat family, they did not return.  

Genie enjoyed life in Fremantle with a new caring family for a week after her rescue, but they recognised that in time, Genie's needs could not be met in a small urban dwelling. Making some phone calls, they eventually contacted Possum Valley and we were happy to offer Genie a forever home in the ‘Goatlands’.

Genie is now over two months old and currently residing in the warm of the Possum Valley living room. She will join her kid kin outdoors when a little older. She currently loves jumping up and down on the couch, skidding along the floor boards and doing laps of the kitchen. Genie recently had a great adventure at Houndstooth Studio, joining Pearl for a photo shoot with Alex Cearns. Much fun was had in front the camera and many lovely images collected, despite Genie's energy in the studio.

Alex with Genie

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Peacocks of Possum Valley

By Chris R.

At the end of summer each year, the Valley’s peacocks moult their feathers, including their spectacular tail plumage. The moulting process occurs after the mating season, allowing enough time, about seven months, to regrow feathers longer and fuller before the next mating season. We collect the many feathers that are lost and use them as decorations and gifts where possible.  


Peacock feathers have been collected for tens of thousands of years. Many cultures believe the feathers have healing properties. Peacock feathers are said to carry spiritual healing energy that can be used to assist people seeking balance and harmony in their lives. The peacock is also considered to be a bird of protection and safe guarding. Lore states that to have a peacock feather within the home helps to safeguard the energy of the environment.  

Beautiful table display featuring a collected peacock feather

The Valley is home to five peacocks – Gus, Chloe and their ‘pea-teen’ children. The peacock family do a great job keeping the orchard weed and pest free and they enjoy spent fruit. They are also excellent at alerting us to any dangers in the Valley. No fox or bird of prey goes unnoticed by these vocal sentinels, day or night. The Pea Family are ever vigilant of impending threats.

One of the Valley's camouflaged pea chicks

Friday, 15 July 2016

Dorothy the Lamb

By Chris R. 

Dorothy Lamb came to the Valley on the 7th of March from a rural property west of Hyden. It was a nine hour round trip to collect her, but worth the drive to rescue our new woolly friend. Being the smaller of twins, Dorothy was sadly abandoned by her mother shortly after she was born. Fortunately, the farmer noted her alone, bottle fed her and advertised the lamb for free on Gumtree. We were alerted to Dorothy's plight by friends anxious for her welfare, and so organised a day to collect her.

Dorothy settled well upon her arrival in the Valley. She was curious of our other animals and bonded quickly with humans. We suspect that she missed colostrum, the mother’s first milk important for lamb health. Dorothy has a sensitive gut system and was nursed indoors for longer than most lambs. 

Dorothy helping out with fundraising

After twelve weeks and many vet visits, Dorothy graduated to living with the Valley’s other lambs in the safety of the Biodome. Dorothy remains shy of her paddock friends. She often prefers to sit on our knees than play with her woolly kin, but Francine and Brownie sheep always ensure she is tucked in with them each night, watching over the new addition to their flock.  

PVAS Wine & Cheese Fundraiser, 2nd July 2016

By Chris R. 

Possum Valley held its biggest annual fundraiser – our  vegan wine and cheese evening – on Saturday the 2nd of July, at Baskerville Hall.

With over 150 people in attendance and 17 wines and 18 vegan cheeses to try, the night did not disappoint. Guests enjoyed an array of vegan canap├ęs and desserts and the wonderful live music of Trouvaille. Also on offer was a silent auction table, PVAS merchandise and some great games.

Tables were decorated with native flowers and foliage from the Valley and fairy lights set the mood. A highlight of the evening was the live auction of a painting of Albert and Victoria donkeys by artist Esti Nagy.

A huge thank you to all who attended, volunteered, sponsored, cooked and donated to achieve the gorgeous atmosphere of the night and make it a huge success. Money raised will support the food and veterinary bills of the 120 animals who call the Valley home.  


We ask everyone who attended to be sure to support the wineries who contributed to the success of the evening. Mention the night when ordering or purchasing your favourite cruelty free wines.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Peppi the Goat

By Chris R.

Last month we welcomed Peppi to Possum Valley. Peppi is the fourth goat to come to the Sanctuary. While much loved by his previous family who had raised him from a kid, he was unable to remain in his urban home.

Upon arrival, Peppi was castrated at the vet. He stayed in his stall until he had recovered from surgery and become familiar with his new home. 

While he has impressive horns, Peppi has never used them apart from to reach itches on his back.

Peppi is very tame and loves having his goatee scratched while enjoying his favourite treat of chopped apple pieces.

We hope Peppi enjoys his new life in the Valley.