Thursday, 10 December 2015

Advent Activities at Possum Valley

By Chris R.
 Christmas is a special time for everyone in the Valley.  The lead up is busy with fundraising events, the volunteer team working hard to earn funds for the coming summer months.  A range of Possum Valley Christmas Cards were produced and have been very popular, as have our locally made jewellery and craft items, at recent market stalls and events.   
 We have fitted in time to pop up our Christmas tree and have paid special attention to keep it high up and out of the way of the lambs and goat kids who reside in the house.  They love nothing more than to chase a stray bauble on the tiles each evening with one another.   
 We have a fabulous group of helpers who we could not go without - especially our amazing volunteers, friends and vets, who we rely on daily.  We have had fun hand making personalised cards for each of these, using images of our residents in festive flair. 
 Merry Christmas! 

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