Saturday, 30 January 2016

PVAS Busy Bee 16 January 2016

 On Saturday 16th of January, the Valley was visited by a team of motivated volunteers to work on a range of projects.  Despite the 38C weather and humid conditions, teams took to the tasks with amazing enthusiasm. 

 Activities included the digging of deep trenches surrounding the newly built Biodome to bury a fox proof wire ‘skirt’. The volunteers were visited by the resident sheep and goat kids, who were keen onlookers. 

 A new water trough and sight wire was installed in the donkey paddock, with pipes dug and plumbing completed to ensure a reliable water source to the south paddocks.

 Five trailer loads of leaf litter and twigs were removed from the Sanctuary entry, reducing the flammable fuels at the front gate, adjacent to the dog and rooster areas.

 Following four hours of hard labour, the crew enjoyed a delicious vegan smorgasbord. The volunteers provided an amazing spread of donated treats, including sausage rolls, homemade cheese and apple slice. The rain and thunder cooled the lunch break beautifully.

 We are always appreciative of the efforts of Sancutary volunteers.  Busy bees are held regularly and details can be found on the Sanctuary Facebook page.

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