Thursday, 16 June 2016

Magazine Review: 'Australian Vegans' Edition 1

By Chris R. 

We were excited to see the release of the first edition of Australian Vegans last month. Eagerly awaited by many, it did not disappoint. Australian Vegans is informative, engaging, entertaining and thought provoking. Editor Kathy Divine has created a magazine which gives inspiration and hope to those working towards a kinder world.

Articles are varied and there is plenty for everyone - health, fitness, business, activism, recipes, family and more - and it is also a great resource for those currently on their journey to becoming vegan.

We were impressed to see articles on farm sanctuaries included in the magazine and also great gardening ideas and information - very relevant to the activities at Possum Valley. We will definitely be trying the stuffed butternut pumpkins using this year’s harvest.

Special mention must also be given to the many people who contributed to this work - the crowd funders, sponsors and most importantly the inspiring editor Kathy Divine - all working to create a cruelty free world while ensuring the vegan lifestyle is enjoyable, fulfilling and fun. We will certainly be looking forward to the next edition!

Be sure to like Australian Vegans on Facebook. You can also visit their website at and subscribe for a hard copy of the magazine, or look for your free copy online.

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