Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Support PVAS

We spend over $1000 a week on our animals' food alone
One way of supporting PVAS is to purchase some of our unique merchandise. 

Few people realise that we work full time jobs to pay for PVAS expenses and receive no government assistance. So every dollar you donate or spend on our merchandise helps. 

Our stall at the Cruelty Free Fair

We sell our PVAS items at fairs and have tables of merchandise available at all our events and tours. 

You can buy:

- T shirts and jumpers featuring our logo and artworks

- Homewares

One of our Christmas card designs - Spike the Galah

- Christmas cards

- A Christmas animal sponsorship 

 - Reusable shopping tote bags

- Jewellery and hair clips

- Art prints

- Crafted items

- New and donated books, shoes and clothes

 - Our children's book 'Goodnight Possum Valley'

- Magnets and keyrings. 

Most of our merchandise is handmade by talented local artists and craftspeople. 

Keyrings & magnets featuring our wonderful residents

We hold tours of the Valley each month. Consider buying some gifts for your loved ones (or yourself) when you visit PVAS and visit the PVAS Facebook page where we list our upcoming events. Also, watch for our merchandise on Facebook around Christmas time as it is possible to buy online. 

Angel Goat travelling with supplies!

Thanks for your help!

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