Wednesday, 13 March 2019

February 2019 PVAS Busy Bee

By Chris R.

To take advantage of the fine February weather, we held an additional summer busy bee on  Saturday the 16th of February. It was a hugely successful day and over twenty participants helped with a range projects for the animals.  

Tasks included the completion and fox proofing on an enclosure for Lewis the rooster, trench digging for a new ram water trough, the construction of a shelter for the elderly cows, weeding the vegetable garden in readiness for planting autumn greens for the Sanctuary’s forty ducks, scrubbing and sanitising animal feed tubs and carriers and washing over ten loads of lamb laundry. 

At lunchtime the volunteer team were finally able to put up their feet and relax while enjoying a vegan buffet, including satay noodles, veggie sausage rolls, amazing faux tuna sandwiches, choc and walnut muffins and fresh watermelons and mangoes. The feast was followed by a Sanctuary tour for those wishing to spend some extra time with the animal residents.

A big thank you to all our volunteers who give so much of their time and energy to helping us help the animals!

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