Thursday, 16 May 2019

PVAS Autumn 2019 Busy Bee

By Chris R.

On Sunday the 28th of April the Sanctuary held its Autumn Busy Bee. The weather was perfect for working and an incredible team came together to complete a number of important jobs before the winter rains. An extension on the teenage lamb shelter was added, providing extra protection for the young flock, the goat and sheep paddock fences were reinforced, over ten loads of lamb washing were hung, vet carriers and feed troughs scrubbed and trenches for new water supplies dug.  


After a morning of hard work, the team relaxed in the sunshine, enjoying a buffet of delicious cruelty free food, including pumpkin soup, lasagne, freshly baked savoury pastries, cookies and choc bliss balls. 


Thank you to all the volunteers who participate in our busy bee teams – we couldn’t do it all without you!

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