Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Volunteering with Emma

By Emma H. 

It is a beautiful cloudy morning as I arrive at the Sanctuary to do my volunteer work, the birds are singing and the air smells of eucalyptus. 

My first job of the day is to collect fresh branches for the possums and birds from the forest area of Possum Valley. As I wander through the trees I spot something moving in the distance, a mob of 6 kangaroos are out foraging! What a treat to see. 

Now on to my favourite part, seeing my possum and bird friends. The old branches need to be taken out to make way for the fresh ones. As I start to make some noise, Blossom pokes her head out of her box to investigate the ruckus. I offer her a tasty bottlebrush flower which she gobbles up happily. Next is to sweep the floors and change the water. 

I visit Simpson the magpie, Bernard the bandicoot, and Pinkie the parrot for their weekly clean too. Bernard and Simpson love some fresh dirt to scavenge some tasty bugs from, and Pinkie loves some native flowers like the possums. 

Walter the possum is my final clean of the day, he is usually sleeping just above the doorway. He is such a laid back and relaxed little guy. 

Now before I leave, it is time to visit the donkeys, lambs and anyone else who would like a scratch! Now to head home, knowing that everyone is happy and clean.

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