Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Shauna the Sheep

By Chris R.

Last month we received a call for assistance through a volunteer, alerting us to a very overgrown sheep on a horse property north of Perth. Affectionately named ‘Shauna’, this little ewe with no identification had strayed onto the property and taken up residence for a couple of years. She was reluctant to be yarded, despite her huge coat, and many months passed as authorities deemed her capture a difficult job to tackle. With some quick coordination, volunteers Tom, Hayley and Teresa championed a plan and met with Shauna’s caretakers on their property. After much chasing, diving and weaving, Shauna was captured and safely in transit, on her way to a new haircut and a new life at the Sanctuary. Shauna settled in for a time and then shearer Brad did his magic, removing her 17 kilogram fleece to reveal a new ewe! 

Given the current cool weather and her being clipped for the first time, Shauna was dressed in a new tailored sheep jacket! We can’t wait for Shauna to meet her new sheep friends! 

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