Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Biodome Construction

By Chris R.

The start of July saw the long awaited commencement of the ‘Biodome’ at Possum Valley.  The structure is so named due to its dual purpose of providing a safe environment for both the animals and plants it contains.  The aim of project is to offer a healthy ecosystem where rescue creatures may live predator free, while assisting in pest control of the Sanctuary’s organic orchard.  Produce in turn will be fed back to the Valley’s residents. 

Fruit trees already established in the Biodome area include apples, pears, mangoes and assorted citrus. These are all excellent fodder plants for the animals, particularly possums, in care.  Rescued peacocks and guinea fowl will assist in reducing invertebrate pests. Roosters can also range and scratch, controlling weed numbers. All animals and birds can live safely in the Biodome, protected from predators such as birds of prey and foxes.   

Follow the blog for updates on the progress of the Biodome and enjoy learning more about the species which will call it home.

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