Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Peacocks of Possum Valley

By Chris R.

At the end of summer each year, the Valley’s peacocks moult their feathers, including their spectacular tail plumage. The moulting process occurs after the mating season, allowing enough time, about seven months, to regrow feathers longer and fuller before the next mating season. We collect the many feathers that are lost and use them as decorations and gifts where possible.  


Peacock feathers have been collected for tens of thousands of years. Many cultures believe the feathers have healing properties. Peacock feathers are said to carry spiritual healing energy that can be used to assist people seeking balance and harmony in their lives. The peacock is also considered to be a bird of protection and safe guarding. Lore states that to have a peacock feather within the home helps to safeguard the energy of the environment.  

Beautiful table display featuring a collected peacock feather

The Valley is home to five peacocks – Gus, Chloe and their ‘pea-teen’ children. The peacock family do a great job keeping the orchard weed and pest free and they enjoy spent fruit. They are also excellent at alerting us to any dangers in the Valley. No fox or bird of prey goes unnoticed by these vocal sentinels, day or night. The Pea Family are ever vigilant of impending threats.

One of the Valley's camouflaged pea chicks

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