Friday, 13 January 2017

Summer Reading Ideas 2017

Whether you are on holidays or avoiding the heat inside, there are some wonderful books about animals and Australian wildlife available to help you while away the summer hours. Here are some ideas for your summer reading:

1. Building Frog Friendly Gardens
By K. Aplin, A. Piano, L. Sleep and the West Australian Museum. 68 pages.

2. Banksia Woodlands: A Restoration Guide for the Swan Coastal Plain (2016)
By J. Stevents, D. Rokich, V. Newton, R. Barrett and K. Dixon.

3. Engaging With Animals: Interpretations of a Shared Existence (2014)
By G.L. Burns and M. Paterson (Eds.).

4. Menagerie: Contemporary Indigenous Sculpture (catalogue book) (2009)
By N. Foreshew & B. Parks (Eds.). 172 pages.
Information about the exhibition and the catalogue can be found here:

5. Rainforest Country: An Intimate Portrait of Australia’s Tropical Rainforest (2012)
By S. Breeden and K. Breeden. 240 pages.

6. Inspired by Light and Land: Designers and Makers in Western Australia 1829-1969 (2015)
By D. Erickson. 492 pages.

7. Bam the Bilby and the Wild Cat (children’s book) (2016)
By P. Ashford Harris

8. Small Wonders: A Close Look at Nature’s Miniatures (2014)
By K. Breeden and S. Breeden. 112 pages. 

9. How Frogmouth Found Her Home (children's book) (2010)
By A. Kwaymullina. 32 pages.

10. Animal Welfare in Australia (2016).
By P.J. Chen

11. Bird Minds: Cognition and Behaviour of Australian Native Birds (2015)
By G. Kaplan. 272 pages.

12. Numby the Numbat (children's book) (2016)
By T. Faulkner


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