Thursday, 2 March 2017

Sanctuary Animal Profile: Hope & Faith

By Chris R.

Hope and her twin sister Faith arrived at Possum Valley in the Autumn of 2016. Their mother had been sent to market and the farmer, who was unable to rear them, contacted a friend who coordinated their trip to the Valley.

Hope and Faith were inseparable, greeting us with loud baas in unison for their bottles each morning and night and sleeping side by side in the sunshine.

As time passed, we noticed that Faith was struggling keeping up with the other lambs, often last in for breakfast and dinner and sleeping more than usual. Hope always stayed by her side, waiting patiently for her sister even when feed time arrived.

Faith visited the vet for testing but all results were inconclusive. Then late one night she collapsed in her yard and was rushed to Murdoch Vet Hospital. Faith was admitted overnight and the following day we were saddened to hear that she had a serious heart murmur. After two days of care, the vets suggested she come home to be with her sister. Hope was excited to have Faith home and the two relaxed in the comfort of our bedroom. Faith’s heart condition progressed quickly. Within a day she was unable to stand and just two days later passed away peacefully. Hope cried terribly when Faith’s body was taken away – reminding us yet again that animals have great love for, and attachment to their kin. 

With time, Hope settled, choosing Dorothy Lamb as a new buddy in the lamb yard. Soon after Faith’s passing, Hope suffered a chest infection and lost all her wool. Again the vets were at a loss as to the cause of her ill health. With the onset of Spring, however, Hope’s health slowly improved and by Christmas she had reached the grand weight of 17kg – a huge milestone for this tiny lamb.

Hope has grown into a playful, cheeky lamb. What she lacks in size she makes up for in spirit and she is a much loved member of the sheep flock in the Valley.

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