Thursday, 18 May 2017

PVAS Vegan Wine and Cheese Night 2017

By Chris R.

On Saturday the 6th of May, Possum Valley held its annual Vegan Wine and Cheese Night at the North Perth Town Hall. The evening was bustling, with more than 180 attendees coming together to taste over 15 wine varieties, 20 cheese varieties and an array of amazing finger food – all vegan and amazingly delicious. 

The following wines and cheeses were served on the night:

Lake Charlotte Stirling White
Lake Charlotte Classic Charlotte
Cullen Vineyard White
Woodlands Chardonnay
Black Rock Chardonnay
Peacetree Sauvignon Blanc
By the Horns Sauvignon Blanc
Cullen Semi Sauvignon Blanc
Five Stones Semi Sauvignon Blanc
Ashbrook Estate Verdelho

Lake Charlotte Shiraz
Yalumba Patchwork Shiraz
Five Stones Shiraz
Juniper Estate Shiraz
Lake Charlotte Cabernet Sauvignon
By the Horns Cabernet Sauvignon
Juniper Estate Cabernet Merlot
Lake Charlotte Merlot
Cullen Merlot  Malbec Petit Verdot
Earthworks Tempranillo
Brown Brothers Cienna
Brown Brothers Dolcetto and Syrash

Other wines:
Birdwood Park Pear Wine
Lake Charlotte Rose

Noshings – Marinated Feta, Chipotle and Jalapeno Havarti, Cheddar with Peppercorn, Cheddar with Caramalised Onions, Brie
Damona Brie, Pepperjack
Vegusto – No Muh, Classic, Mild
Sprout and Kernal – Aged Nut, Classic Cashew, Peppercorn, Herb and Cashew
Green Vie – Cheddar, Gouda, Mozzarella
Cheezley – Cheddar, Nacho
Gemchi and Me – Onion and Garlic, Herb, Chilli
Cheezus Cheese – Original and Smokey 

Hand crafted cheeses:
Esti’s Kick Ace Cheddar
Fox with a Fork – Air Dried Cheddar
Sue Torlach – Tangy Ricotta with Chives
Maggies – Cashew Ricotta
Rowan McCartney – Cheddar Wheel
Scott Dunning’s (Roark and Co) – Nacho Cheese


The North Perth Town Hall looked spectacular on the night, decorated with fairy lights and native flowers and foliage, much of which was collected in the Valley and lovingly arranged by Stacey Litchfield.

Peter Blake, culinary extraordinaire, headed the kitchen, turning out platters of gourmet canapés and wowing the crowd with an amazing dessert selection at the end of the night. 

Daniel, Pete and Chris in the kitchen.

Bar staff were busy serving the wide selection of wines, with Cullens, a regular sponsor, being one of the most popular wineries featured. The crew from Treehouse Brewery impressed all with beers, cider and kombucha on tap at their two very funky mobile bars.

Guests enjoyed live music performed by Trouvaille, who donated their evening in support of the event. Meanwhile the silent auction and merchandise table, spinning wheel and the ‘who’s who’ game kept everyone busy between sets of songs.

Trouvaille performing on the evening.

A huge thank you to all who volunteered, cooked, cleaned, attended and promoted our event – it is the Valley’s biggest fundraiser of the year and vital in assisting with our significant vet and feed costs.


  1. It looks like a fun event with large selection of wine flavours to choose from and a delicious selection of food for the guests. Thanks for sharing the update and pictures.

  2. Me and my friends also were a part of Vegan Wine and Cheese Night. We enjoyed like anything, we drank, danced and rock the floor. I just love these kind of parties and gatherings.

  3. Wow!! This wine and cheese party looks really best. Loved the wine arranged here. Want to attend such party. Wish will get a chance. Couple of days back had been to one wine chocolate tasting party at one of venue New York. It was really best and loved the chocolates present there.

  4. So glad to read that Possum Valley is having great success with the fund raising events. Hopefully someday I can visit your farm. Cheers, Evanne