Friday, 21 April 2017

Easter Busy Bee - 17 April 2017

By Chris R. 

On the Easter Monday holiday, we were fortunate to have the assistance of an enthusiastic group of volunteers to work on a number of outstanding projects at the Sanctuary.  

Two animal shelters were completed – one for the baby goats and one for the donkeys and cows. A strong tree guard fence was constructed in Ripper Ram's paddock and animal poo was collected and bagged for fertilizer. 

The baby animal pen was also raked of spent hay, multiple loads of lamb washing completed, the kitchen and laundry were cleaned spotlessly and stepping stones were put in place to provide a short cut to the feed shed through the garden. The weather was perfect and our team of workers both cheerful and productive.

The morning of labour was rewarded with an amazing spread of vegan delights including a gourmet potato bake, fresh fig and rocket salad, baked Mediterranean pasta and assorted breads, vegies and dips. The meal was finished off with fruit, fudge and cake.

A huge thank you to all who attended and contributed to the feast – it is always appreciated!

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  1. I am sure you enjoyed the company of the volunteers. The pictures look great. Looking forward to getting more updates from your side. I recommend everyone to read this.