Friday, 24 August 2018

PVAS in the News

Fratantoni, Mahsa. The weird and wonderful yoga hybrids sprouting in Australian suburbs, The New Daily, 17 August 2018.

Goat (and lamb) yoga
Arguably the most quirky fusion is yoga with goats or lambs. These affectionate and playful farmyard animals wander about the paddock and often relax on the mat as yogis stretch and twist into poses.

Profits from goat yoga classes at the Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary go to rehabilitating and rehoming rescue animals. Photo: Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary/Facebook.

Getting into downward dog isn’t ewe-sually this difficult. Photo: Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary/Facebook.

Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary, in Mount Helena, Western Australia, started running the yoga classes in 2017, initially as a quirky way to raise money for the rescue farm animals.

“Many of Possum Valley’s goats have come to reside with us after being found orphaned, ill or injured or confiscated by authorities from less than ideal homes,” the rescue charity’s vice-president Mark Hayman said.

“Our volunteers and visitors care for them, show respect and kindness. In turn they begin to trust us and other people.” 

Not kidding: Even the most enthusiastic yogis deserve a break now and again. Photo: Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary/Facebook.

At the beginning of each session, participants are introduced to the goats and lambs, and instructors share some of the rescue stories.  

Ommmmm: Time for rescue goats and their human yogis to wind down after class. Photo: Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary/Facebook.

“The sequence incorporates a variety of yoga styles and finishes with savasana and meditation,” Mr Hayman said.

“On completion of the session, you will get to spend some time playing and cuddling with the goats and lambs.”

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