Friday, 31 August 2018

PVAS Winter Busy Bee 2018

By Chris R.

On Sunday the 12th of August the Sanctuary held it’s winter busy bee. The turn out was incredible, with over twenty people pitching in to help the animals.

Much to our excitement, a number of outstanding projects were completed on the beautifully clear winter’s day.

Projects included a large weather-proof shelter for the teenage lamb pen, fitting of a double door to bird aviary, construction of a brick pad for a new pre-release possum aviary and weeding of the Sanctuary’s memorial garden. In addition to all of these, the crew worked on getting through copious amounts of lamb laundry, cleaning sheep pens and starting the pre-summer tidy of the Sanctuary grounds.

This hard work was rewarded with an incredible pot-luck lunch, which included sweet potato soup, sushi, Mexican bake, scones with jam and coconut cream, poppy seed muffins and ‘cheese’ cake slice.

To finish off their day at PVAS, volunteers enjoyed a tour and meet and greet of the Sanctuary residents.

We are always so appreciative of the efforts of our amazing volunteers. They help enrich the lives of our animal residents greatly.

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