Tuesday, 5 February 2019

'Bushfire Ready' Busy Bee - January 2019

By Chris R.

On Saturday the 5th of January we held our 2019 Bushfire Ready Busy Bee. The forecast was for a hot, dry day, emphasising the importance of the work at hand - reducing the bushfire risk at the Sanctuary. With over 160 animals residing in the Valley, evacuating everyone is a difficult task, hence the need to make their environment as safe as possible.

The volunteer team were enthusiastic and raking, pruning and chain-sawing by 8am. Over-hanging tree branches and leaf litter around fence lines and cages were collected and taken far away from animal enclosures in readiness for winter burning. The soft leaf tips of pruned native plants were given to the possums to nibble. Steve provided invaluable assistance by using his tractor with leaf rake attached to clear paths between trees with highly flammable eucalyptus leaves.  

After a productive morning of work, the team spent their lunch break resting in the shade and refuelling with cruelty free pasta, satay noodles and dessert. 

We are so appreciative of the huge support given by our volunteer busy bee groups – as are the animals. Many hands make light work and help us help our rescued friends!

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