Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Brandy the Sheep – From Lost to Loved at Christmas Time

By Chris R.  

Just a day after a sheep tragically died adjacent to the passenger train line south of Perth, we were alerted by a volunteer to another sheep sighting in Midvale, near busy Great Eastern Highway. Concerned for the sheep’s welfare, three of our incredible volunteers swung into action, driving and walking around the area where the frightened ewe was last sighted, but unfortunately to no avail. 

The next day, however, we received word that ranger staff from the Shire of Mundaring had managed to capture the small sheep and she was being held safely at the Pound until her owner could be located. When no owner was found, we were pleased to offer her a safe place in the Valley.

Brandy’s arrival was an exciting day, more so for us than her. When moving her to the float we discovered that she was a true athlete, capable of jumping eight feet from a standing start! Regular fencing was unlikely to hold this woolly jumper. 

Relocating Brandy from the float to her new paddock was a challenge. As the quarantine yard prepared for her arrival had only four foot fencing, it was decided that she would need to go straight into her new home after her vaccinations and worming.

Chance, Wanda, Carmen and Mary were excited to meet their new flock mate.  Within an hour, Brandy had relaxed and was eating with her sheep friends and within a week she recognised the feed ute and began coming forward for her dinner. After two weeks, she allowed us to get close enough to place lucerne, her favourite, nearby without dashing away. Time, patience and tasty treats slowly won Brandy over.

Welcome to the Valley Brandy – hopefully your jumping skills will no longer be needed as you settle into Sanctuary life.

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