Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Biddi Brushtail Possum

By Chris R.

On a busy Saturday afternoon we received a message of yet another baby possum in need. Hurriedly packing up from work, we made our way to a suburban house where we were greeted by a tree lopper, tightly holding a box containing a large teddy and tiny brushtail joey.

The previous day, the tree lopper described that unbeknown to his team, the large branch being felled was housing a mother possum and her baby. Mum possum ran frightened into the distance, leaving her distressed baby with the stunned workers. They scooped up the hissing baby and made her warm and safe, before Googling for help.

Biddi was a tiny 154g on arrival but adjusted readily to Sanctuary life, enjoying her formula and the plentiful native blossoms from the Valley’s gardens. She was keen to try a variety of foliage and vegetables, hissing in anticipation of new snacks throughout the day. Coming along to the office to facilitate her four hourly feeds, Biddi reminded us if we were late, peeking out of her pouch and vocalising on cue when it was time for a meal.

Now Biddi is only on three milk feeds a day and weighs over 300 grams. She is bold and playful, and her cheekiness is very different to the personality of shy foster sister, Miss Grabby Hands.

Biddi will soon be moving into a larger cage, so be sure to watch this space to see her adventures as she grows!

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