Monday, 23 March 2020

'Goodnight Possum Valley' Family Tour

By Chris R.  

In late February, we were excited to run another ‘Goodnight Possum Valley’ family tour. As the sun set over the Sanctuary, visitors were able to meet many of the resident rescue animals before heading into the forest on a nocturnal bushwalk. While exploring the forest, the group was fortunate to spy one of our wild possums by torchlight (squee!), who was just as curious of the visitors as they were of him.  

Following the torchlight adventures, everyone returned to the barn to have story time with Sanctuary volunteer Kym. Relaxing on blankets under the barn’s fairy lights, Kym read ‘Goodnight Possum Valley’, our story book highlighting some of the residents encountered during the night tour. Red Rooster, Joy Puppy, Timmy Lamb and Daisy Calf were just a few of the many rescues remembered by the children after their tour.

If you would like to come on our next ‘Goodnight Possum Valley’ nocturnal tour, please keep an eye on our ‘events’ tab on Facebook and book in to see the Sanctuary at sunset!  

Copies of ‘Goodnight Possum Valley’ can also be ordered via email for just $15, so you can enjoy saying ‘goodnight’ to the animals every night at home!

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