Saturday, 15 August 2020

Welcome Teddy Lamb

By Chris R. 

Teddy Lamb arrived at the Sanctuary on a cold winter’s morning in early June. He was one of triplets and sadly had lost his mum not long after he was born.

Teddy was sad and cold when he arrived at the Sanctuary and his low body temperature was of great concern. He had a raspy cough and while he was keen to suckle, we felt a trip to the emergency vet was necessary.  

The vet provided a course of antibiotics to ensure his upper respiratory issues did not lead to pneumonia and then Teddy returned home to be wrapped in blankets in front of the fire.

By evening, Teddy had found his appetite and his voice.  He was keen for each meal and soon was following us around the Sanctuary grounds, making friends with Rocky the kid goat and warily introducing himself to the larger house paddock sheep.  

Teddy loves cuddles, people and snoozing in bed.  He is growing quickly into his long legs and enjoys zooming in the sunshine with his rescue pals. He is an absolute joy to have as part of the Valley’s lamb fam and we couldn’t love him more!

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