Thursday, 6 January 2022

New Arrival: Carol Lamb

By Chris R.

Just five days before Christmas, the Sanctuary received a message regarding a young lamb who urgently required a new home. She had been living in the suburbs after being rescued from the north west of WA by a traveling family. They noticed the poorly looking orphan in need of assistance and collected her. After quickly making arrangements we were ready for her arrival. 


Baby Carol is alert, active and very talkative! She has no interest at all in the other Sanctuary lambs and prefers humans. Carol insists on staying with her new two legged friends rather than her than her ovine kin. She never strays far from our side and while only two weeks old, is already nibbling hay and all other items at reach as she explores her new surrounds.


We hope Carol continues to thrive – watch this space for more updates on our gorgeous new arrival!


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