Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Water for Wildlife


Temperatures in WA have been above 40C often this summer, and it’s been many weeks since even a sprinkle of rain has reached the Sanctuary. The forest is parched and the forecast tells of more hot, dry conditions ahead

While we are busy ensuring our rescued residents are as cool and hydrated as possible, supporting the wildlife through the summery conditions is also critical. Bird baths, sprinklers and misters are easily organised and provide welcome relief for the many native birds, reptiles and mammals who call the Valley home. These are placed in various safe locations, providing choice for all kinds and sizes of fauna - an added stick or rock protects smaller creatures from becoming stuck or drowning.

No matter where you live, providing a safe drinking area for wildlife will be so appreciated in the coming weeks. A simple Tupperware container with a brick may save more lives than you think

Pictured: Bobbi enjoying a refreshing drink - how’s that little lapping tongue!


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