Wednesday, 25 May 2022

National Volunteer Week at PVAS - Part I

It’s National Volunteer Week and we’re excited to be featuring our incredible volunteer crew!

Learn about what our volis do and why they love volunteering at Possum Valley.

We would like to thank everyone who helps the Sanctuary in so many ways - from rescues to baking, laundry to shopping, cleaning to accounting - you are all critical in saving lives and we appreciate you!

Thank you for being a friend - to the animals!


Celebrating National Volunteer Week with Jordan!

‘Possum Valley is a magical place, it’s full of amazing animals who have found their sanctuary in a world that’s often unkind to them.

This safe haven doesn’t happen by chance, it’s endless work is carried out entirely by volunteers which makes it all the more special.

Coming together and working with a common purpose means that you make quick connections with those around you and you won’t find a more serene setting than here. Volunteering gave me a sense of purpose and connection when I needed it the most and I’m forever grateful to all the human & animal friends who let me share their lives for a little while.’


Celebrating National Volunteer Week with goat and lamb yoga instructor Jodie!

‘Lovely Latte loves to participate in goat yoga, sometimes entertaining the class trying to eat my hair whilst I’m downward dog. Such a joy to teach here!’ 



Celebrating National Volunteer Week with Anne - Our laundry hero! 

‘I started volunteering at Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary as I really wanted to “give back” in some way that benefited animals at risk. It is a wonderful thing to see these creatures, big and small being enveloped in the love and care that is PVAS. Every single one, regardless of what condition they arrive in, is treated with compassion and dignity. Not every volunteer gets to work directly with these lovely creatures but every job is important to their well-being. I get to deal with the large amounts of dirty laundry that is produced by the vulnerable animals in care. Whilst not the most glamorous job, I know that I contribute to making sure that they are kept clean and comfortable. It is so satisfying to look around at the many rescued animals that now call this peaceful and safe place home and know that in a small way, I am able to support the wonderful people who have given each of them a second chance.’


Celebrating National Volunteer Week with Kelly!

‘I think volunteering should be part of everyone's life in some way. It's a beautiful way to help other living beings not as fortunate as you. It doesn't have to cost you anything but means the world to those receiving your time. There's a place for everyone's interests, skills and availabilities. That place for me is Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary, where I always feel welcome and appreciated, no matter how I am helping. Especially from the two amazing people who run the sanctuary, who have dedicated their entire lives to making sure as many creatures as possible are able to live the lives they deserve. One of those beautiful creatures is Webster, who also made me feel very welcome the first time I met him! Cows are very intelligent, emotionally sensitive beings that respond to love and kindness plus scratches and food treats! Thank you to the entire Possum Valley team and all volunteers who give a little bit to make the world a better place for someone else.'



Celebrating National Volunteer Week with Goat and Lamb Yoga instructor Kim!

‘I’ve been teaching Goat Yoga at Possum Valley for almost 5 years now. It is such a fun, enjoyable, heart warming class to teach and the participants love interacting with the beautiful, friendly goats and lambs as they attempt to do the poses while often sharing their yoga mats with them. With all the funds raised from the classes going directly to the animals care it is such a rewarding experience.’



Celebrating National Volunteer Week with our Treasurer Claire!

‘There's more to an animal sanctuary than looking after the animals. There's keeping records, and balancing the books. That's why I volunteer at PVAS. I help with the behind the scenes tasks that keeps PVAS powering on to help all the animals it does.’



Celebrating National Volunteer Week with Cassie!

‘Why do I volunteer with Possum Valley - sometimes a call for help is received sometimes not - an animal arrives in the Valley regardless of species - it may be young, may be old, potentially injured or disabled; it may be domesticated or even wild born however the only maybe is it’s past - the uncertainty very quickly turns to certainty - a future is guaranteed - a future where regardless of its past it shall receive love, attention, medical treatment, food, shelter and a forever home providing unconditional love - that’s why I volunteer with Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary.’


Celebrating National Volunteer Week with Greet!

‘It's a privilege to volunteer at Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary.

Being able to spend time with the animals and get to know their little personalities is just sooo good for the soul.

They get every chance at a long and happy and healthy life here!

It gives you the energy to keep going in a world where animals are not treated in the way they should, the heartbreak of it all can be overwhelming at times.

It's the happy endings after an animal gets rescued from a not so nice situation, when they settle in and make new friends.

And the many friends you make with the other volunteers is absolutely priceless too.

Thanks for having me.'



Celebrating National Volunteer Week with Sam!

‘Chickens are intelligent, quirky and highly social. They have best friends, speak about 30 different sounds, are expert hunters and constantly keep an eye out for treats and danger. They have supernatural powers which include seeing ultraviolet light and dozing off with one eye open keeping one hemisphere of their brain awake.

And yet they are the most abused animal on earth.

Each chicken at PVAS has a ‘before’ story and thankfully, fate has brought them to PVAS where they have been rehabilitated and are now living their very best lives. Seeing the change in each and every one is so incredibly rewarding. My life has become so colourful since I joined the team at PVAS. I love the time I spend there and I have made so many wonderful friends along the way.’


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