Wednesday, 25 May 2022

National Volunteer Week at PVAS - Part II


Celebrating National Volunteer Week with volunteer Kym!

'Volunteering at Possum Valley is like sunshine on a cloudy day. These beautiful animals bring so much joy, even though many of them have suffered at the hands of humans. Their capacity for love and forgiveness is awe inspiring. Being a sanctuary volunteer is the best thing I’ve ever done and I have seen the best and the worst of humanity but, in the end, it is all about the animals, always.'



Celebrating National Volunteer Week with volunteer Lauren!

‘Volunteering at Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary is wonderful and helps me feel like I'm useful and making a positive difference.

Patting/cuddling/talking to the animals after doing work is especially rewarding, because you know exactly who you're helping.

Seeing these animals get to live their best lives and receive the care they need is so heartwarming. The animals are so friendly and good-natured. Even though many of them have been hurt by humans, they are so trusting, curious, playful and affectionate.

Some of them have similar traits to dogs. Did you know that goats, lambs and sheep are scared of storms and like to cuddle up under a blanket? And when they're happy, they wag their tails and do "zoomies", just like dogs do!

You will also be surprised by how many different species of animals there are at the sanctuary. There's so many!

Some people think that becoming a volunteer is a long process and that there are waiting lists, but that's absolutely not true. Lots of not-for-profit animal sanctuaries are in desperate need of reliable volunteers. There are different volunteering opportunities to suit different skillsets too.

Note: Please only come to the sanctuary if you have prior arrangement.

I won't lie to you. It can be hard work and it's certainly not all about cuddling animals and taking photos. There will certainly be opportunities for that, but some work needs to be done as well. It is well worth it in my opinion though.

Volunteering is not for everyone, and if it's not for you, there are certainly other ways to support Possum Valley.

But why not come down to a volunteering information session, or book yourself a tour and see what it's all about?’



Celebrating National Volunteer Week with volunteer David!

‘Love those deer girls they are so playful and precious along with the other 270 odd loved residents of PVAS.'



Celebrating National Volunteer Week with volunteer Sharon!

‘My very first volunteering day I got to have cuddles with beautiful Albert. I love being a Volunteer at PVAS because I adore being with animals. Working with all the animals at the Sanctuary fills me with joy, hearing their (sometimes sad) stories breaks my heart, but knowing the lucky ones who are now living their best lives, are safe and so very loved and cared for, fills my heart with happiness.

The added bonus about volunteering at PVAS is meeting kind, like minded people, and getting out of suburbia into a beautiful bushland environment.’



Celebrating National Volunteer Week with volunteer Tracie!

‘I love volunteering at PVAS and spending time with all the amazing animals with their individual personalities and characters. As the majority did not have a great start in life until they were so lucky to get to PVAS, you see how all the care, love and attention they get at PVAS improves their lives immensely. And working with the amazing team at PVAS is pretty special too!’



Celebrating National Volunteer Week with volunteer Sharni!

‘In a world that is so consumed by animal exploitation, volunteering and being at PVAS gives me a sense of hope and comfort when I get to see these beautiful animals truly cared about and loved.

PVAS has also provided me with a sense of community by being with people who share the same values and passions that I do.'



Celebrating National Volunteer Week with volunteer Emma!

‘I like volunteering at PVAS because its a chance to get outside in the beautiful hills of Perth and make friends with lovely people (and furry friends) who care about animals. And to help a truly wonderful #possumvalleyanimalsanctuaryteam who gives their all .'



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