Wednesday, 20 July 2022

New Arrival at PVAS - Nimbus the Lamb

In late May we were contacted about a tiny lamb with a lame back leg. His name was Nimbus, and he was suffering from progressed joint ill. Nimbus was soon booked into The Animal Hospital, where he was sedated and his leg joint assessed. Sadly, further investigation revealed the infection had reached the bone. Leg amputation was the only option to prevent spread of the infection, so Nimbus was booked for a full leg amputation.


Little Nimby bounced back surprisingly well from his procedure, but two weeks later suffered a stomach upset, which set his recovery back markedly. Despite all he had been through, Nimbus was brave and patient with all of his medications and treatments, and after another two weeks, again started to put on weight and take his bottles with enthusiasm.

Nimbus is now ten weeks old and we hope he continues to grow stronger with his best friend Bunny Lamb!


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