Saturday, 31 October 2015

Spring at Possum Valley

By Chris R.

 Spring at Possum Valley is accompanied by colour and bird song.  The soils are rich and both native and exotic plantings do well, helped along with regularly added straw and manure from the animal enclosures and some occasional watering.

Beds of roses have been planted throughout the Valley since our arrival.  These are primarily old world varieties which are much hardier to the heat and require less water than their highly bred cousins.  David Austin Roses are some of our favourites.  These form massive shrubs and the flowers are laden with hundreds of petals.  Our plantings serve as fodder for possum joeys and also as an attractive, fire retardant buffer to the house.  Underneath roses, perennials such as statice and geraniums thrive.  If we look hard enough, most days a bobtail or two can be seen resting amongst the colour.
The deciduous trees are now leafy and will provide shade for the coming months.  The species selected, like the roses, are chosen for their fire retardant properties.  Young golden elms line the driveway and have only just sprouted their new leaves of the season (pictured).

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