Friday, 30 October 2015

Possum Valley at The Whim Festival 2015

By Chris R.
On Sunday the 25th of October, the Possum Valley Crew spent the day at the Mt Helena Whim Festival.  The Spring weather was lovely as a brief shower of rain was followed by an afternoon of sunshine. The Festival crowd was enthusiastic and plentiful. 
Visitors to the Festival were interested to hear of the work done at the Sanctuary and many were generous with their spare change in the donation tin.  Pearl the lamb and Gertie the goat enjoyed pats and photographs, as did Noodle and Rio the roosters, who announced our presence throughout the day, surprising many who thought roosters only crowed at dawn! 

Thanks to all who came down to visit us and the animals. It was a great day for fundraising and community outreach, not to mention a great deal of fun!

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