Friday, 16 June 2017

Lambs, Lambs, Everywhere!

By Chris R.

It has been a busy few months at Possum Valley, with five lambs arriving in quick succession as the weather cooled.  

Bertie - Day one

Our first arrival was Bertie Lamb, who was transported to Perth from regional Narrogin.  At just a few days old he lost his mother and sustained serious eye injuries from crows. His eye is recovering well with treatment and being small and alone, he has quickly bonded with his teddy.

Bertie and his Teddy

Bertie at four weeks

Just a week after his arrival, Bertie's half-sister Rose was rescued from the same area. Rose and Bertie quickly became the best of friends. Rose is a little smaller than brother Bertie and very affectionate. She has delightful markings on her nose which we had vet check for fear of skin cancer, but she was given the all clear and can retain her characteristic beauty spots without concern. 

Bertie and Rose at ten weeks

The following month we were contacted about a small, sick lamb, also in Narrogin. He was passed onto a farmer and thanks to the quick thinking and dedication of two of our volunteers, a deal was struck to collect the precious cargo for urgent medical treatment in Perth.  

Ken on arrival

After a five hour round trip, the amazing staff at Murdoch Vet met Ken, giving lifesaving fluids and antibiotics. Named after one of his rescuers, a very weak and tired Ken Lamb finally arrived at the Sanctuary at midnight. Ken was suffering septic arthritis, causing swollen, painful joints. He was unable to stand and was breathing heavily. Thankfully, Ken's medication worked quickly and eased his suffering. Within 48 hours he was standing and beginning to baa. 

Ken at Murdoch Vet

Ken at six weeks old

We are still monitoring Ken with caution to ensure he stays well and continues to grow. Two weeks after his arrival he gave us cause for concern, refusing his bottle for a day, resulting in a rushed night trip to the vet and more medication. The following day Ken returned to the vet for fluids and glucose. He responded well and after a month has almost reached a weight of 10kg.

Timmy Lamb

Little Timmy Lamb is our latest arrival. Weighing in at a miniature 3.5 kg, Timmy is one of the tiniest lambs we have cared for. Timmy was seen running alone across the road one night in Merredin and was fortunate to be spotted and scooped into care. Timmy is an absolute delight, accompanying us to work to allow two hourly feeds until he gains more weight.  

Timmy at the office

We are enjoying spending time with the wool family in the house as winter settles over the Valley. More than forty bottles are washed each day and eight litres of milk made up to feed the growing family. We are so appreciative of those involved in each of their rescues, people who went to great effort to save these tiny lives. Without the help of our volunteers and supporters, such rescues would not be possible.

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  1. This is such a great post, i really like it. mostly because of the lambs, i think that they are such adorable creatures and so innocent also, Great job here. Well done