Wednesday, 20 April 2016

PVAS Visit the Donkey Society of WA

By Chris R.  

On Sunday the 17th of April,  Albert and Victoria enjoyed their first Donkey Society of WA event at Wandi Equestrian Centre. 

We joined the Donkey Society shortly after Al and Vic came to the Valley to learn more about their care and handling. We were excited to see that various events for the donkeys were offered. Their first outing was a gymkhana, a morning where different activities were undertaken to improve handling skills and give the donkeys some play time.

 We do not ride Albert and Victoria, but they learned many other skills on the day, including working on their float skills. A fuss free float entry and exit is essential for vet visits and at worst, a fire evacuation.

 In addition to training and play exercises, Albert and Victoria benefited from the experience of Donkey Society members, who checked their hooves and condition, assisted with leading commands and shared some excellent tips, as donkeys are indeed very different to horses in their temperament and care.

 We are looking forward to our next donkey excursion and thank the members of the Society for their warm welcome of Albert and Victoria, and us, as we all had a lovely day.


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