Wednesday, 28 April 2021

New Arrivals in the Valley

By Chris R. 

Violet Lamb 

We received a call in early April regarding a little lamb in the suburbs, heard shouting loudly from a balcony. Fortunately the little baa-ing bundle was soon attended to by a kind RSPCA officer, who promptly contacted the Sanctuary.

The tiny black and white lamb was quite round in shape and our fears were that the little one was suffering from bloat, so first stop was Farm Animal Services at Murdoch. Thankfully the now named ‘Violet’ was not bloated, rather showing signs of hay belly, and she was cleared to come home to the Sanctuary. 

Volunteer Jemma swung into action as our ovine Uber and her passenger announced her arrival loudly from the back window. 

Violet has fitted in beautifully to Sanctuary life. She is already good friends with Tofu Goat and loves back rubs, always wagging her tail. She also loves attention and treats and we can’t wait for her to join the baby flock of 2021. 

Mike Rooster  

Mike Rooster, a Plymouth Rock cross with some rather handsome feathery legs, found himself at Kalamunda Pound. With time running out and no one coming forward to claim the handsome fellow, Nikki from Ranger services kindly organised Mike’s delivery. Mike is a gentle and somewhat shy guy, but is enjoying life in the Biodome, sharing with new friend Pedro Pigeon.


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