Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Cosmo the Lamb

By Chris R. 

In early November, the Sanctuary was contacted by an animal rescue friend in the south west looking for assistance with a young blind lamb from Manjimup. Given we were already caring for two blind sheep, ‘Cosmo’ lamb would be very welcome at Possum Valley. We managed to organise two experienced volunteers to animal sit, allowing us to head south to collect Cosmo. He had been hand reared and well cared for, but was showing signs of  wanting company as he grew. Our contact for Cosmo was very helpful, collecting him and meeting us in Bridgetown, where he was transferred to a travel crate and proceeded to sleep all the way to Perth.


For the first few weeks Cosmo lived close to the house, coming indoors at sunset and  grazing on the lawn in the day. He had a worrying cough, but after a vet visit and treatment his health improved and soon Cosmo’s quarantine period was over. He was excited to meet some lamb (and rooster!) friends, settling in well with the other young lambs in care. When he is older, Cosmo will hopefully join the main flock and enjoy the company of his new sheep friends in the Valley.

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