Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Moos and Little One - A Mother and Daughter Rescue

By Chris R.

In January we received a request for assistance to re-home an elderly cow named Moos and her elderly calf, Little One. These girls were in desperate need of a new home following the sale of their property not far from the Sanctuary. Finding the right place had proven challenging, given their age and the significant arthritis in Moos' legs. Few properties were considered appropriate to take on such old bovines with medical issues. It became apparent that Possum Valley, given its close proximity, would need to assist. With buckets of treats, we visited the pair and proceeded to acquaint them with our vehicle and float.

After two days of failed attempts at loading them into the float, Moos and Little One’s owner suggested walking the cows to the Sanctuary via the neighbouring farming properties. The exercise started out promising, but Moos’ old age and sore rear leg made the journey slow and after just a few hundred metres, she decided to rest and go no further. With darkness approaching and bunches of apple tree foliage in hand, we managed to finally persuade Moos to walk into the float. A gentle five minute drive delivered her safely to the Sanctuary and then we returned to the farm to pick up Little One. With her mother gone, however, Little One was very stressed and in no mood for a road trip. We decided to leave the float with Little One overnight, laced with treats from apples to lucerne. She finally walked into it the next morning, with just a day to spare before the property changed hands.

Both cows have settled into the Sanctuary well and have since enjoyed relaxing in the sun and having back rubs. These seniors can live out their autumn years free from fear at Possum Valley, with apples and carrots aplenty.

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